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Here We Go!

Karate Combat Ep 12
por Community Manager • 2020. Dec 18

This Sunday, Karate Combat will go out with a bang as Bas, Josh, Layla and Thor wrap up the Season with three spectacular matches.

First up will be Willians Quirino, the Warrior from Brazil, against Vasilii Antokhii, The Lion Heart, from Russia, in a 75 kilo bout. When interviewed about the upcoming debut, Vasilii said that Quirino “has this nice smile, but he is here to spoil it.”

Will the Warrior, who’s trying to rebound from past losses win this one, or will the Lion Heart go in for the kill to claim his first win?

Our second fight of the night will be Teeik Silva, The Black Dragon from Brazil, vs Pedro Roman Roig, The Little Devil, from Ibiza. Not only do we love to see these two in action, but who could resist a fight between a Devil and the Dragon? One lives amongst fire, one breathes it. One thing for sure, it’s going to be red hot.

Speaking of Dragons, we are going to be waking up Silva’s former opponent and fellow Dragon, Bruno Assis from Brazil to fight Jesus Lopez, The Beast, from Peru in the 67 kilo category. Will the Beast conquer Assis, or will The White Dragon protect his undefeated winning streak in the pit and take home his fourth win of the season?

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to watch Karate Combat this Sunday. You’ll be glad you did.