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KC 43 Results

Pettis vs Henderson
por Karate Combat • 2023. Dec 16

Thirteen years after their first meeting, former UFC champions Anthony Pettis and Benson Henderson faced each other for the third time.... and this time in a Karate Combat Pit.

The 170-pound catchweight fight was scheduled for five rounds, but would need a sixth to settle the decision. Ultimately, Pettis would deny Henderson again after winning a decision after a sudden victory round.

The familiar foes started out measuring the range with a few early kicks, with Pettis offering a variety of techniques. Henderson also landed a few nice punches, including a hard right to the body. Pettis finished the round looking for a back heel sweep kick.

Henderson attacked with low leg kicks early in Round 2, but Pettis answered with a well-timed side kick followed by a punch. Later in the round, Henderson would charge forward with a nice combination of punches, pushing Pettis into the ramp.

By this point you could see the power of the Karate Combat pit.

The third round was pretty close until Pettis began building momentum after a kick to the body followed by a right hand.

Henderson started Round 4 with big power kicks, sending Pettis into the wall twice before a low blow paused the action. When the action resumed, Pettis went back to his kick-punch combos as he looked to reestablish his offense.

Henderson shucked Pettis into the wall and to the ground in an aggressive start to the fifth round. Pettis would respond with combinations upstairs while attempting a few crowd-pleasing techniques.

The fight went into a victory sixth round, and both came out firing hard. Henderson connected with a front kick to the face and landed well to the body with a punch. Quick jabs and hard right hands found the mark for both as they tried to put a stamp on the fight.

Judges determined Pettis was the winner of the victory round.

You can watch a replay of the fight on youtube.