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Anger Wat - Episode 3

Sunday, October 11 2020
PRELIM🔥 Vitalie Certan 🇵🇹 VS Gabriele Cera 🇮🇹 In this fight we have Shotokan VS Shito Ryu. Both fighters come into the pit with experience so we're expecting this one to be tough. CO-MAIN 🔥 Calum Robb 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 VS Franklin Mina 🇪🇨 In this co-main event, we have Wado-Kai VS Shotokan. Both fighters hold many accolades from the WKF. Most notably, Calum has won 20 European and 2 World titles. Both fighters are hungry for their first win inside the pit, so this one should be a barn burner! MAIN FIGHT 🔥 Myrza-Bek Tebuev 🇷🇺 VS Daniel Viveros 🇪🇨 In the main event we have Shito Ryu VS Shotokan.Tebuev was ranked #1 in the WKF Lightweight division. Viveros showed great movement and power in his debut in Karate Combat.
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