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KC 43

Pettis vs Henderson
Levine vs Alvey
Saturday, December 16 2023
Join us live for an unforgettable night of full-contact action at Karate Combat 43 in Las Vegas on December 15th! Witness the epic battle between two former UFC Champions as Benson Henderson gets his opportunity to get vengeance for the ShowTime Kick as he battles in the pit against Anthony Pettis. We invite you to one of the most electrifying experiences in live sports. You'll be up close for every moment of action inside the fighting pit because there's no bad seat in the house. KC43 showcases two former UFC Champions as Anthony Pettis takes on Benson Henderson as over a decade of bad blood is settled inside the pit. Moreover, we are planning to have a stacked card including Shannon Hudson, Chinzo Machida, Omaira Molina and Melinda Fabian
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