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RESULTS for Karate Combat: Atamov vs Levine

Quick Results for Karate Combat Season 4 Event 4
by Community Manager • 2022. Jun 28

Karate Combat Season 4: Event 4 - Atamov vs Levine was broadcast around the world, LIVE on Saturday, June 25th.

Fans in attendance were blown away by amazing live production and non-stop action, with every single fighter leaving it all inside The Pit.

See the winners and losers below.


Fight 1: Robbie Lavoie vs Moulay Oudoud

Split Decision

Fight 2: Rob Buxton vs Adrian Galvan


Fight 3: Omaira Molina vs Ana Luiza Ferreira

Unanimous Decision after Sudden Victory Extra Round

Fight 4: Matthew Stevens vs Alberto Ramirez

Unanimous Decision after Sudden Victory Extra Round

Fight 5: Gabriel Varga vs Bruno Assis

Unanimous Decision

Fight 6: Rafael Aghayev vs Davy Dona

Unanimous Decision

Co-Main Event: Eoghan Chelmiah vs Ilias Mardhi 2

TKO in Round 4 - AND STILL

Main Event: Ross Levine vs Shahin Atamov

Unanimous Decision - AND NEW

Karate Combat returns to Orlando, Florida

Saturday, August 27th, on the backlot of Universal Studios

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