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Karate Combat League Sees Growing Value in Women's Martial Arts

Female Karateka Are Winning Awards and Earning Respect for the League
by Orange Belt Contributor • 2022. Nov 11

It’s often said that we are living in a man’s world. In the Karateverse, however, there’s no discrimination. Some of the most tenacious, technical, and immensely talented fighters come from the women’s division, and fans are well aware.

We want to highlight the contributions our female karateka have made to the league, and express that the future is bright for all women in the martial arts.


In Karate Combat’s third season, the award for Punch of the Season was secured by Omaira Molina for perhaps the most textbook karate punch in full-contact karate’s history. This also earned her the accolade of Female Fighter of the Season.

Omaira gets ready to 'send it'

Fabiola Esquivel was voted as the runner up for season three's Kick of the Season for her absolutely vicious head kick knockout against Ana Villanueva. You can catch that HERE.

At KC36 (available to replay for Free on the "EVENTS" page), we witnessed the cleanest spinning hook kick from any fighter in the league so far, thanks to Christina Kavakapoulou. It will certainly be on the ballot for any potential end-of-year awards.


The martial arts community does not have a strong history of including women into the upper echelons of rank, authority, nor opportunity. We've seen it in Judo, where 5th Dan was the highest a woman could strive for until the 1960s. Even today, women are discredited in many traditional karate organizations as weak, too emotional, or too fragile to carry the torch of a style or to lead in an organization. Karate Combat doesn't have that antiquated mentality. The league is rapidly expanding its roster in the Women's Flyweight and Bantamweight divisions and understands that there is top tier talent waiting for their chance to strike.

Though not all pictured in this article, there are many other top level women on the Karate Combat. Erica Carla Santos is now training with the Pitbull Brothers (same as KC Lightweight Champ Luiz Rocha), along with Ana Luiza Ferreira (who had a back and forth battle with Omaira Molina this year).

Further, fans are eagerly anticipated a potential return to Karate Combat for UFC veteran and The Ultimate Fighter competitor Melinda Fabian.